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    Dry Cleaning
    Never had a Dry Cleaning store like this...

    Need dry cleaning done? We also DELIVER!

    Prospect Cleaners provides dry cleaning services along with tailoring and shoe repair. It is the most gas efficient dry cleaners around and we also DELIVER!. The Best One Stop Shop. To learn more, click here!

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    Alterations & Tailoring
    Clothes that are customized for you...

    Don't fit into your clothes any more?

    Make your clothes fit onto you! Kim's Alteration provides customer care and quality service at a competitive price. Bring in your wardrobe here.

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    Shoe Repair
    Don't compromise your favorite things...

    Re-embellish your favorite pair of shoes.

    It's hard to find the shoes you like that meet your standards of quality, look, and comfort. We have good news. We can restore your favorite pair of shoes.

Welcome to Prospect Cleaners!

The one-stop shop cleaners for all your needs. Located in Orange California, Prospect Cleaners provides you with dry cleaning, alterations and shoe repair all done in-house. Gas prices are high, make your one-stop shop us.

Our Services

Dry Cleaning - Did you know...

"Care Label Symbols are required by law for your information to help you make informed garment purchase decisions. The label must warn about any part of the recommended care method that would harm the garment or other garments being laundered or dry cleaned with it." For all your garment cleaning needs, visit Prospect Dry Cleaners.

Alterations - Did you know...

"Common clothes that are altered by tailors for female clients are pants, slacks, skirts, suits, coats, dresses, and even sleep wear. Alterations to women's clothes are usually done for many different reasons. For slacks and pants; alterations are normally done to adjust its sleeves, sides, and length." Custom fit your wardrobe! Bring your clothes in for alteration at Prospect Dry Cleaners.

Shoe Repair - Did you know...

"Footwear isn't just part of your wardrobe, it is an investment. Spend your money wisely and the return will be more value for your dollar, more comfort, better foot health and even a sense that you are helping the environment." Save money by bringing in your old favorite shoes in to get it repaired and re-embellished at Prospect Dry Cleaners, your one stop shop.


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